Airline Trolleys are cast in aluminum wanderlust: Whenever we get on a plane, the slim Dolly already expect. From its interior conjure stewardesses then again food, drinks and other things have become available which time passes by quickly.


From the airplane to the living room

Millions of kilometers sets each airline trolley back above the clouds before it goes into well-deserved retirement.
The well-traveled car you see on the experience, and that is what makes later real character actors in your home or at your workplace.

On tour

Our inflight trolleys have been traveling in air travel for years and have visited many countries and thus have also seen a lot. Original from the plane in your home.

in use

They had a lot to endure and have covered at work long ways. Nevertheless, they are still reliable and in good condition, because they are extremely robust.


Now they want to retire and looking for a nice new home, where they shine and can continue to make useful. Inflight trolleys are cast in Alumium wanderlust.

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