Atlas multipurpose unit with wheels!

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In a symbiosis of aluminum metal and my high-performance castors, a unique piece of furniture has been created and is now waiting for his “Last Journey” in your home.


With this piece of furniture you bring aircraft history into your home!

Previously it was used as a flexible working module at Air Berlin today you can fly this innovative design into your home.

A unique piece of furniture has been created in a symbiosis of aluminum metal and high-performance castors and is now waiting for its “last journey” into your home.

Millions of miles back each unit above the clouds, before you go into well-deserved retirement. The well-traveled units you can see the experience, and that’s what makes them later real character actors in your home or at your workplace.

The scrapped units, which you get from us, we get directly from the passenger cabins, equip them with brand new inserts and ensure that they work properly. Because we think that the signs of use make up their charm, we otherwise optically change the storage talents only if the customer expressly so wishes.

Whether the unit comes to you in its original state, or carries your favorite color or the corporate design of your company, everything is possible and one thing is sure: you will get a unique piece that can be used in a surprisingly versatile way and enrich your space with an absolute eye-catcher!

Delivery time for this product: about 3-5 working days

Condition: rarely used
Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: 46.2 x 29.1 x 42.6 cm
Color: Silver / Castor Rolls

Please write me your wishes and I will try to implement them.


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